Tips For Buying A New Home: 9 Tips You Should Know!

A home is the biggest investment you’ll likely ever make, both in terms of money and that you’ll be spending the next few (likely) decades of your life there! So, we’ve got some tips for buying a new home to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for!

Know The Area

You might love the home itself, but you’re also going to be spending your time outside of it! How’s the local area? Are there plenty of restaurants to enjoy, events to attend, and attractions to fill your days (if you’re into that sort of thing)?

Take A Walk

Expanding on the last point, you should take some time before or after a showing explore the immediate surroundings. How do the other houses look? What’s the vibe? How old are the other people in the area? Is there a park nearby? All these questions are easily answered through a nice stroll around the neighbourhood!

Home Inspection

When you’re spending the amount of money you are on a home, why skip out on the $500 it takes for a home inspection? Not only is it an investment to protect yourself from any surprise expenses, it also gives you peace of mind. Settle into your new home, worry free!

Don’t Settle

You might walk into your first home and fall in love, but that doesn’t mean you won’t love the next one even more! Alternatively, you could always use our Find Your Dream Home tool, and we’ll just find your perfect home for you!

Know The Weather

It’s hard to know what the average weather condition is during any given season through just a few visit. However, having a realtor on your side who knows the area can give you all the information you need. It will not only affect your enjoyment of the area, but also the maintenance of the home itself.

Ask Questions

Never feel pressured to make a purchase before you know everything you want to know. This refers to both home inspectors and realtors. Respect their expertise, but both should understand the importance of this purchase and will know that a lot of questions is normal and welcome!

From Top

Many people forget to take a really close look at both the attic and the roof. The roof is one of the most labour intensive (thus, expensive) parts of the house to fix and the attic can be full of air leaks that will cost you thousands on your heating bill.

To Bottom

A crack might not be a cause for alarm, but you’ll want to be certain it isn’t! Again, a home inspector can help here and will help you uncover things you might otherwise miss.

We hope you find these tips for buying a new home useful!




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