Home Renovations: Essential Tips for Planning the Perfect Remodel

You’re scoping out some real estate in Georgian Bay and can’t wait to start your new life. We recommend settling in and relaxing, but we can sense all those home renovations already filling up your head

Well, we want to make sure your dream home stays a dream. Here are some useful tips to make planning the perfect remodel a breeze.

Occupy The Space

We know, we know. You’re excited to get started and the thought of waiting just doesn’t feel right. Trust us though, it’s the right move.

You might have gotten a spark of inspiration the moment you set foot into a room, but it’s the little things and how they all work together that matters most. 

Will that paint you had in mind work with this carpet? Will the lighting be adequate with a darker tone? It’s better to be prepared from the beginning for exactly what you need, than having to continually change one thing after another down the road.

Make A Plan

Speaking of being prepared, there are many things to consider before picking up a hammer, paintbrush, or the phone.


Without a budget, it’s easy for the small things to add up. A little extra here, a few more dollars there, and your current renovation can quickly push other ones further away.


Have you ever heard of Parkinson’s Law? It’s an adage that says work expands to fill the time available for its completion. If you don’t have a firm date for your renovation to be done, it might never be.


You might be spending much of your time renovating indoors, but there are some tasks that require outdoor work. You don’t want to plan a spray painting day when a storm is coming.

DIY or Hire A Pro?

Another major decision to make is whether you want to complete the renovations yourself or leave it to someone else.

You might be thinking of something small or you could have some room changing ideas planned, either way, here are some things to consider:

Are you actually saving money?

The most obvious reason for going the DIY route is for the money-saving opportunities. The thing is, that isn’t always the case, especially if this is your first time. Considering the tools to do the job properly and having to redo areas you may have made mistakes, things can add up.

You can always get a second opinion from an expert who can advise where it might cost a little extra. Building a hybrid plan where you can do some job yourself and leave the more complex work to a professional is a fantastic option.

Time Commitment and Disruptions

Unless you build bathrooms in your spare time, a professional renovation team is always going to get the job done more quickly. So, if you have other obligations, a project that should only take a few days can quickly stretch to weeks.

Also, if it is a project like a bathroom or kitchen renovation, this will affect not only your daily routine, but also that of anyone you live with. Getting it done quickly might be the best option.

Avoid These

Due to being potentially dangerous along with the often required licensing or technical qualifications, you should always hire a professional for these projects:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical installations
  • Gas repairs
  • Roofing
  • Exterior work involving heights

Home renovations can be nice, but we think it’s better to just find your perfect dream home. No changes necessary.

Riopelle Veer knows the Georgian Bay Triangle like no one else. Your dream home is out here, sit back and let us find it for you.




Your Dream Home Is Out There…