Halloween Window Decor Ideas To Make Your House Pop!

It’s spooky season! Between the fall walks and pumpkin spice lattes, you might be wondering about some Halloween Window Decor Ideas. Luckily, there are more than a few easy and fun ways to make your house look extra spooky!


While you can hang them just about anywhere, they look particularly nice in the window! It’s easy enough to make your own with leaves or even a few fall fabrics. You’ll also find no shortage of beautiful garlands to buy online or at some of your favourite local shops.

Window Silhouettes

Whether it’s a haunted house, ghosts, or your favourite Halloween characters, crafting your own window silhouettes is remarkably easy! Just grab some poster board, look up a tutorial like this on YouTube, and start cutting away! Perfect family-friendly fun!

Spider Window Clings

If you want to decorate and keep it extremely cheap, some spider window clings are just the ticket. A pack of them is inexpensive and one or two of them can help decorate several windows!

Fall Leafs

Window decorations don’t need to be all creepy and crawly! It can be as simple as picking up leaves and either attacking them directly to the window or scattered around the windowsill.


A Halloween staple for good reason! Carving pumpkins is a yearly tradition for many families and a home without a pumpkin on Halloween just doesn’t look right! There are so many pumpkin carving options to choose from, and we especially love putting dry ice inside when trick or treaters come around! 

Creepy Plants

We all like a nice house plant to decorate the house all year round, but we love finding the weirdest, strangest looking ones for Halloween! It’s just about the only time of year when some of them actually fit right in!

Glow In The Dark Stickers

From peering eyes to cloaked vampires, Halloween decorations are only as good as their nighttime appearance! Glow in the dark stickers are a surefire way to make your house stand out even in the dark!

Halloween Lights

Although Christmas is just around the corner, that isn’t the only time to light up the night! String lights in the window (and across the whole house) with orange bulbs are the perfect addition to any house’s Halloween decorations.


If you’re a Halloween fanatic, chances are you have more than a few old masks lying around not getting much use. Why not pick up a few mannequin heads and set them up in the windows! Though, if they’re terrifying, maybe wait until the younger kids are done trick or treating for the night!


For this one, you’re going to want to be extra cautious! Clear out anything even remotely flammable and decorate the windowsill with the creepiest candles you can find! As an added bonus, your house will smell great!

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