Deck The Halls: Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Front Door!

The gateway to your home should be a wonderfully welcoming place! Whether you want to go all out, or you subscribe to the “less is more” philosophy, we’ve got some awesome Christmas decoration ideas for your front door.


If you want to match an overall rustic aesthetic your home might have, here a few ideas:


Light the way by using some classic lanterns to bring a little shine to your front door. You can use real ones (just make sure to take great care), but the better option is to find some battery powered candles so there’s no fear of a fire!


Rustic often means simple, and if you’re hanging lanterns around the entrance a pile of white birch logs can add a whole lot to the look without pretty minimal effort. As a bonus, there are a few extra uses for the logs in the form of our next two items.

White Birch Wreath

Take one or two of those logs and slice them up (like a cucumber) so you have a bunch of disc shapes. Use some glue, a few extra decorations like bows and leaves, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful wreath to match the rest of the decorations!

White Birch Candle Display

When you order your candles for the lanterns, grab a few more! Take a few logs and cut them into varying sizes (and make sure they have a flat bottom). Now just drill holes into the top, place your battery powered candles into the hole, and you’ve got a unique candle display to complete your rustic Christmas entrance!


This one’s for people who want the front entranceway to really pop, subtlety be damned!

Christmas Present Display

If visiting your home is truly a gift, this one’s for you! Pick up a few light wooden boxes for your local craft store and paint them to look like presents. Tie a few bows around them, stick them together, and use a few flat braces to hang them near the front door!

Reindeer Treats

Perfect if you got some little ones at home, all you need to do is throw a few raw carrots in a colourful basket and create a sign that says “reindeer treats”!

Colourful Lanterns

If you’re looking for another way to use those lanterns that are a bit more playful, hang them up around the entrance and replace the candle with a string of colourful Christmas lights!

The Classics

When it comes to Christmas, some things just never go out of style.


Christmas and mistletoe go together like hot cocoa and marshmallows. Not only do they look festive, but it also gives you an excuse to plant one on your loved ones every time you come and go!

Jingle Bells

If people start playing them early enough, you might be sick of Christmas music before December 25th. However, there’s something about the sweet sound of jingle bells that never gets old. Plus, you’ll always know when someone gets home!

Christmas Tree

We obviously had to cap the list off with the centre point of any Christmas themed home. Grab a smaller tree and try to match what you did inside with the larger one, or do something completely different. Half the fun of a Christmas tree is actually decorating it!




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